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As a leading baby clothes manufacturer, we specialize in crafting 100% Pima Cotton Baby and Kids Clothes for Private Labels.

Welcome to COTTONPERU, Premium Peruvian Pima Cotton Baby Clothes Manufacturer

Leading the Way in Premium Peruvian Pima Cotton Baby and Kids Apparel Manufacturing

COTTONPERU FACTORY  is proud to be at the forefront of high-quality apparel manufacturing, specializing exclusively in 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. With over 20 years of dedicated experience, we cater to businesses worldwide, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and ethical production practices.

Peruvian Pima Cotton Baby Clothes Manufacturer: Unmatched Quality, Extensive Experience, Global Reach

  • Superior Quality: As esteemed Peru apparel manufacturers, our commitment to quality is unmatched. We utilize the finest Peruvian Pima Cotton, renowned for its softness, durability, and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Extensive Experience: We are not just baby clothing manufacturers; we are pioneers in the industry with a robust track record of excellence and innovation.            
  • Global Reach: From small startups to large enterprises, our wholesale baby clothing solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our international clientele.

Premium Clothing for All Ages and Styles: Smocked Baby Clothes, Children's Cotton Pajamas, Infant Smocked Dresses, and more.

Explore our extensive range of premium clothing for all ages:

  • Baby Clothes: From newborns to toddlers, discover our soft and safe range.
  • Accessories: Complete your offerings with our high-quality baby towels, hats, and more.

Sustainable Children's Clothing: Our Commitment to Ethical Practices

Committed to Sustainability

Learn more about our dedication to sustainable children’s clothing and fair-trade kids wear practices. We believe in making a difference in the wholesale baby clothes industry by adhering to ethical standards and promoting environmental stewardship.

From Boutique Shops to Global Brands: Our Wide-Ranging Wholesale Baby Clothing Solutions

We serve a wide range of customers, from high-end wholesale baby clothing brands to boutique shops specializing in newborn clothing. Among our top customers are the best baby clothing brands worldwide. Our clientele also includes top baby brands and online baby stores. We offer wholesale options for those in need of baby blanks. Looking for clothing manufacturers for  startups? Or for baby clothing manufacturers for startups ? Contact us!

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Peru Textile Country

The best brands are made in Peru.

As a Baby Clothes Manufacturer, with more than 20 years of experience.Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and execution.

Embark on a journey of Comfort and Long Lasting Products with our experience as a Wholesale Baby Clothes Manufacturer.

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Crafting Premium Baby and Kid's Garments with Peruvian Pima Cotton

The story of CottonPeru Factory began in 2006 in the city of Lima, Peru. With the vision to revolutionize the baby and kid’s top brand apparel market, we set out on a mission to craft garments that redefine comfort, style, and sustainability. Our journey, now spanning over 18 years, has been marked by innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

At Miocotton Peru Factory, we specialize in creating high-end clothing made entirely from Peruvian Pima Cotton Textiles.

The Mastery of Baby and Kid Garments

Our specialization ensures that each piece is tailored to perfection, keeping in mind the unique needs of our young customers.

A Global Impact with Sustainability

In an era where sustainability is paramount, CottonPeru Factory takes pride in its eco-conscious approach.

Peruvian Pima Cotton

Central to our creations is the use of Peruvian pima cotton textiles. Renowned globally for its unmatched softness, durability, and hypoallergenic properties.

Collaborating with Global Brands

Our reputation as a reliable and experienced partner in the garment industry has led to collaborations with numerous esteemed global brands.

Enriching Peru’s Fashion Heritage

Beyond crafting remarkable garments, we contribute to Peru’s rich heritage of clothing and fashion production, giving back equitably and fairly to artisans.

Experience Excellence

In conclusion, CottonPeru Factory stands as a symbol of excellence in the realm of baby and kid's garments, manufacturing garments that embody the essence of Peruvian pima cotton and the passion of skilled artisans.